Frequently Asked Questions

How are our crabs packaged?

Crabs are packaged in wax shipping boxes measuring 21 3/4 " X 15 5/8" X 10"

Our crabs come in three grades or sizes:

1# male crabs : > 6 1/4" 45 pound box, approximately 5-6 dozen crabs per box

2# Male crabs : 5 1/2" < 6 1/4" 45 pound box, approximately 8-10 dozen crabs per box

Female crabs : > 5 1/2" 50 pounds box, approximately 10-12 dozen crabs per box

Will you ship to any location?

NOLA CRAB company is strategically situated on the west bank of the greater New Orleans area. This location allows us to be close enough to source crabs from various ports in southeastern Louisiana, yet in a location to allow for easy processing and shipping to our customers thoughout the United states. Located 15 minutes from New Orleans international airport (MSY), NOLA crab is a certified shipper with all major airlines and makes daily deliveries to MSY air freight terminals. NOLA Crab co also works with a network of recognized freight forwarding companies to serve many areas with ground transportation, saving our customers money. We also welcome customers or their agents to pick up at our facility and have the infrastructure to promptly load shipments of any size.